Aluminum and Steel Wire Fence


Incorporating slightly larger components, Regency Ornamental Fence is 33% stronger than our standard Residential Fence. And, for just a little more money.

These sturdy fences blend seamlessly into any yard or pool area without appearing to be out of place. Regency Ornamental Fence come in three styles – Buckingham, Kensington and Windsor. Each one is distinguished by the pickets that do not extend beyond the bottom rail giving each one a smooth, clean look. Decorative rings can also be attached between the top two rails for a truly “regal” appearance. You will find the word “plus” added to each name for this addition.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose one of the standard styles or a Plus design, Regency Ornamental Fence will surely make your home a stately manor.

Regency Aluminum Fence Benefits and Specifications:

  • Constructed of an exclusive, high-strength aluminum alloy (HS-35™) that has the strength of steel but will never rust, even in coastal areas or around pools.
  • Durable powder coat finish guaranteed not to crack, chip or peel for the life of the fence.
  • Environmentally safe powder coat finish is an excellent alternative to paint. It is twice as thick as paint, more durable, and fade and scratch resistant.
  • Available in black, white, bronze and green.
  • A lifetime limited residential warranty
Regency/Ovation Specifications
Standard heights – Regency 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″
Standard heights – Ovation 48″
Standard lengths 6′, 8′ (90″ on center)
Standard colors Black, White,
Bronze, Green
Weight supported per section of fence Regency – 500+ lbs
Ovation – 350+ lbs
Pickets 3/4″sq. x .060″ thick
Rails – top wall 1″ x .055″ thick
Rails – side wall 1 1/2″ x .082″ thick
Standard posts 2″sq. x .060″ thick
Gate posts 2″sq. x .125″ thick
4″sq. x .125″ thick
Spacing between pickets 3 31/32″
Post spacing 71″ on center

Available Colors:

These color swatches are only approximations. Please refer to actual color samples for final matching.