Aluminum and Steel Wire Fence


Here is a quick list of what sets a Jerith Fence apart from the competition:

  • FencCoat Finish – withstands 3,000 hours of salt spray testing and 5 years of exposure in Florida versus 1,000 hours and 1 year for others; twice the thickness and hardness of wet paints; environmentally friendly.
  • HS-35 Alloy – used in all of our components (even the pickets) for added strength.
  • Gates – have a welded frame that allows them to support 250 lbs.; come with a standard magnetic handle latch that works every time.
  • Alloy used for castings (caps, wall mounts, finials, etc.) – more corrosion-resistant than the cheaper, more common alloys that others use.
  • Screwless – Residential, Ovation, and Regency fences are all assembled with our patented screwless design which uses hidden stainless steel fasteners for strength and durability. Most other “screwless” designs use either hidden screws (which can loosen) or plastic connectors (which break fairly easily). Our Industrial Strength Fence uses screws with an adhesive patch to keep them tight and a square drive for added security.
  • Jerith – oldest and largest aluminum fence manufacturer; 45 years experience; third generation family business; products made in USA; most orders ship within 2 weeks.
  • Lifetime Warranty – backed by an established company that is a leader in the industry.

How can I tell if I received genuine Jerith products?
We put the Jerith logo on our products so you can verify that you are getting the Jerith quality you paid for. Here is where to look:

Sections – the Jerith logo is stamped into one end of each horizontal rail
Gates – the two top caps on the sides of a gate have the logo
Posts – our standard flat post caps have a raised Jerith logo.
(Note: Ball caps do NOT have a logo on them)

How is the fence installed?
Jerith Aluminum Fences are installed by setting a post in concrete and sliding the horizontal rails of a section into the pre-punched holes in the post. A second post is then set at the other end of the section. A second section slides into the second post, and so on. If you need less than a full section, simply cut the rails to the size you need with a saw.

Can the fence curve?
If your fence line bends, the sections can easily be angled in the posts to follow most curves. For a very tight curve, just cut the sections in half and put another post between the two sections. The sections themselves can not be bent without ruining their structural integrity however.

Can the fence follow a downhill slope?
Most of our standard aluminum fence sections can follow the contour of the ground. This is called either raking or racking. The fences drop about one foot over the 6’ length of a section. If a greater slope is needed, sections can be specially fabricated as “double-punched sections” to traverse a 45 degree angle. Patriot Fence and Regency “Plus” styles can not rake at all, while Concord, and 400 Series fence can only rake about 6 inches over their length.

Can the fence be installed by the Do-It-Yourselfer?
For the best installation it is recommended to be installed by a trained Jerith installer. Since the fencing system is covered by two patents the installers must have written permission from Jerith to install the product.

What is the post spacing?
For Ovation, Regency, and Residential fences, the posts should be spaced 72-1/2” on center. Industrial fence posts need a 71-1/2” spacing, while Patriot posts are spaced 72” on center.

What are the standard colors
Patriot Fence is only available in black, while our aluminum fences come in a black, white, greeen or bronze finish. Finials, ball caps and scrolls are also available in a gold finish, as well as black, white, green or bronze.

Are custom colors available
No, they are not.